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We have a large variety of residential flooring options to perfectly match any home decor or homeowners style. Our team have over 20 years of experience supplying and installing high-quality flooring for homes across the UK. KC Carpets & Flooring are a well-established company in the heart of Poole, and we're available to visit Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm so you can discuss your requirements with one of our experts. 

Choose one of the leading residential flooring specialists in the South, we have a large success rate in installation projects that can be browsed in our case studies. Our team of 10 flooring and carpet fitters are all qualified, and carry CSCS cards at all times to give you peace of mind about who you let inside your property. 

For more information about our residential flooring product range contact us today on 01202 679877. 

Residential Flooring Options


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Our designers offer a bespoke design service to create the perfect flooring your home, we can personalise any flooring solution to suit your exact needs. Whether you’re seeking cost-effective vinyl flooring for your bathroom or wood flooring for your corridor, our expert team can offer their advice and guidance to ensure you make the right decision. 

You may be looking for a certain flooring type with specific requirements, for example, stain and water resistance, or to withstand heavy foot traffic. Certain areas in a home are exposed to different kind of risks, take advantage of our experts' free advice, we can recommend the best flooring type for your home. Carpet is popular in bedrooms where the risk of food and drink stains are less likely, whereas in a kitchen flooring needs to be more hardwearing so we recommend Luxury Vinyl Tiles, vinyl or wood.

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